Year: 2020

30 Nov by ALFIE

Strategies for Online Slot gamers to win Jackpot on every spin

Nowadays, the online slot game online malaysia are the most popular Casino games among worldwide casino followers on the Internet. You can find slots about anything like movies, music, animals, pop, culture, or others. The colorful lights, entertaining music, and attractive themes make Casino to become a favorite for everyone. You need to pick a game, select your lines, and bet spins and win. The simplicity of the game makes it easy to win. But you never underestimate slot machines. There is no fail-proof strategy to play slots and there are several tips you can follow to help increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. These tricks are followed by the casino players in Thailand, Singapore, and the rest of eastern countries,

Try your slot with free spins and free chips:

Random numbers generators and computer algorithms are used in slot online games. This means that you spin slot on every time, the outcome will be of huge profit income. It is not possible to calculate these results manually. So, you will get a chance to win even after a couple of losses. The best thing you can do after your losing streak is moving to another slot game. Practice makes in the online slot to get benefits to players. Almost every online slot game provides a free play version. So, you may try to get a good feel for the game without risking your money. Many casino sites offer slots in practice modes that you can play without an account. Practice your slot games and learn how to win before betting real money. 

Always looking for Good RTP:

You can try an online slot game without spending your money. Free spins and free chips are popular promotions offered by online casinos that use free cash from the casino by finding the right code. Before you can start playing and take advantage of these fantastic benefits. RTP means Return To Player of the game is the percentage of the money you bet on the online slot that gives you back time. For example, if you bet $10 on a slot with 96% RTP then the game will pay 9 dollars and sixty cents. If you want to keep your money growing then search for slots with the highest RTP possible. These games are created for playing for the advertisement of the brands, not for the winnings. When you search for a game keep an eye on the paytable for looking jackpot, RTP, and winning combinations while you playing in a particular online slot. Keeping control of your bankroll is the most important thing for slot games. These slots are a lot of fun but if you never take care of your money, your funds will lose very quickly. 

Follow this strategy for a big win:

Using this online slot strategy is necessary for every casino player who wants to win. Before you start to play, define the maximum amount of money that you will spend and stick to that limit. It is recommended that you will do the research first to get familiar with the bets and the game by learning it and practicing it. This minimizes the chance of losing your cash and increase your odds of hitting the jackpot. 


1 Sep by ALFIE

Legends Of The World Of Poker And Casino

In the history of poker, in particular, and of the online casino malaysia by extension, the actors are numerous. Among the personalities that have marked the world, some have reached the status of true legend as a connoisseur and ambassador of the game. In this part, we will, therefore, list some of the most legendary, in a non-exhaustive list and will highlight these personalities who have marked the history of the jdl online casino game and worked towards its popularity. Click on the personalities for a detailed description.

This is the case, for example, of the one who is considered by many to be the best poker player (especially cash game) who has set foot on our Earth, the late David Chip Reese.

One of his friends and the greatest poker legend still alive, Doyle Brunson, is one of the few who knew the time when poker games were held with weapons loaded under the table.

Johnny Chan, more discreet, is also one of the most respected and feared players in world poker. Nicknamed the Orient Express, it has won millions in tournaments and certainly much more in private games.

Stu Ungar is, in essence, a born player. Very young, he already has the instinct and the talent for gambling. Many consider him the best player of all time.

Finally, Nick The Greek is what we call a pure gambler. Attracted by poker but especially by gambling in its entirety, he made history with his extraordinary life and his ability to consider money as a simple way to bet.…

24 Aug by ALFIE

How To Play Baccarat Games?

Baccarat 3win2u has always been one of the fascinating casino games. In Las Vegas casinos (unfortunately not found in French casinos), the Baccarat tables, like the craps tables, are always very lively,

This game was invented by Italians in the Middle Ages. He found his audience among aristocrats and was popularized in the 20th century by the novel by Ian Flemming in the James Bond series.

Baccarat Principle

The game of Baccarat is a card game where the player is against the bank (as in blackjack). The object of the game is to guess which hand (your own or that of the casino) will have the value closest to 9, knowing that the scores are between 0 and 9.

To play a hand of Baccarat, you place your bets on the table (below) by choosing to bet on the player (player = you), the casino (banker = the bank), or on a tie (Tie).

Card Counting At Baccarat

The card value is specific to Baccarat. Indeed, an Ace is always worth 1, and a figure is always worth 10. Cards from 2 to 9 take their face value.

To count a hand, you add the value of the cards you receive, but only the rightmost digit is taken into account for the account (Remember, the account cannot exceed 9).

For example, if you receive a 10 and a 5, the total is 15. Your account is, therefore, 5.

A Course Of A Game Of Baccarat

After placing the bets, two cards are dealt with the player and the bank. Depending on the score, a new card can be drawn by the player. Here are the “rules of the player” depending on the hand obtained:

  • 8 or 9: Stay (natural)
  • 6 or 7: Stay
  • 0 to 5: Draw a card

If one of the two games immediately obtains an 8 or a 9 and the other does not make a better or a tie, no third card is drawn, the game is stopped (natural rule).

Note that the bank applies the player rule when the player has 2 cards. From the moment the player has 3 cards, the “banker’s rule” applies. Here are the rules of drawing according to the value of the two cards of the bank:

  • 8 or 9: Stay (natural)
  • 7: Stay
  • 6: Draw if the new player total is 6 or 7
  • 5: Draw if the new player total is between 4 and 7.
  • 4: Draw if the new player total is between 2 and 7.
  • 0, 1, 2 or 3: Shoot

Payment Of Baccarat Winnings

When you have bet on the right winner, you win once your bet. If you bet on a tie, you will receive 8 times your stake. However, this bet is to be avoided because it gives a much higher advantage to the casino.…

12 Aug by ALFIE

Difference between the online casino and the land casino

Do you love to play games? Have you ever played ace96 baccarat? people can play many games like physical activity games like can play cricket, the football they can play table tennis, badminton and many more games for their happiness and to change their mode but we have more options like they can play games online if you are playing online games that are too many varieties of games are available like racing adventurous Casino gaming and many more games are available which we can play online if we are playing online games it is the best way to play online casino games and the online casino games are the best source of enjoyment of life that’s why people go with a casino.


Now if we talk about casino games then you may know about the famous game baccarat which is the one of the best game of casino and you will defiantly found this game in every casino of the world because people love it too much and spend too much money to play it.

So in this topic, we are going to do a comparison between the land casino and the online casino. Now which one you like to play in the casino games?

What is the difference between the online casino and the offline casino?

There are many things which always make a big difference between the two things. Like a coin have two faces and both make a unique sense like that only the casino’s games are also produce double faces and it depends on the people that which one they want to play. So one by one we will discuss both in the following points.


The online casino: – the online casino has too many unique things, as well as too many things which are made for helping the people like now in this world the corona is going on and the land casino’s, are closed so, people are getting bored at home and they want to do some entertainment so the online casino provides the various kind of verities of games which are very interesting to play the game.


The online casino games have a wide range of choices in which the player does not get boor with playing the same game again and again. And that is why many people love to go with online gaming.


Offline casino: – the offline casino is also known as the land casino. The offline casino is very famous and it is known for the uniqueness of the machinery and the way of machinery works. There are many users who are available which are always be the lover of the offline or the land casinos.


the offline casino provides a different environment in which you will find many people which have the thinking and the way of working like you so that is an amazing thing that by the reason of casino you can meet too many different and different players which are very useful for your mind 

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Some details on the biggest poker games in the world in Macau

For nearly three years now, the Big Game poker games in Macau have been making the mass of amateur players fantasize. It is very difficult to have concrete information about these คา สิ โน ออนไลน์ บน มือ ถือ sessions because the players who participate in them remain very discreet. There is a good reason for this discretion: the amounts involved are staggering …


The Biggest Games of Poker


One of the rare players who communicate a bit about Macau and its high stakes games is Tom Hall, nicknamed HongKong Tom, who has been attending these games for a few years and does not hesitate to give some reports.


We know that the blinds at these games are very high, ranging from $ 4,000 / $ 8,000 up to $ 12,500 / $ 25,000 for the most impressive. Hall is a regular in this Big Game, which initially had blinds of $ 130 / $ 260 – which did not prevent this player from losing $ 1 million during his first session …!


Known regulars for this Big Game are Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Johnny Chan, and a few others. According to Hall, there are about 150 regulars, including a dozen who come almost every day.


Tons of Money But Relaxed Atmosphere


Recently, Tom Hall communicated on a session where more than $ 20 million were on the table. Sometimes it can happen that a player loses or wins some $ 10 million in an evening. By cons despite the amounts committed, the atmosphere at the tables is generally very nice and relaxed. He explains that the Slow Roll – “technique,” which consists of making his opponent wait before showing him the obvious winning hand (very frowned upon in general) – is done fairly regularly but in a good spirit.

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How To Play Video Poker Games?

Video Poker is a game that appeared in the 1970s, halfway between poker and slot machines. It was the game that allowed casino operators to make their slot machine sexier and to attract a wider audience. And the popular craze is no coincidence; video poker is THE casino game that offers the best chances of winning! Some consider that video poker is the slot machine for those who think.

Video Poker is not really similar to Open Poker in the sense that you are facing a machine. So there is no notion of bluffing, and you can take the time you want to play.

{Tip} In video poker, your chances of winning depend exclusively on your decisions.

How to play a game of video poker:

  • You bet
  • The machine then supplies five cards
  • You decide which cards to throw/keep
  • If you have discarded some cards, new ones will appear.
  • Depending on the value of the combination of cards, you win or lose.

It is important to bet every time the “max bet.” This allows you to “qualify” to hit the jackpot of the royal flush. For this, choose the lower limits (10 or 20 cents) rather than the 1 euro machines. For information, it takes an average of 80 hours to hit a royal flush (you have a chance in 40,000). That doesn’t mean you have to wait 80 hours; you can hit two in 30 minutes, it’s just an average.

What are the standard combinations for video poker?

The combinations in video poker are the same as in traditional poker:

  • High Card
  • Pair: two identical cards
  • Two pairs
  • Three of a kind: three identical cards
  • Continuation: five cards in succession
  • Color: five cards of the same family
  • Full: a set and a pair
  • Square: four identical cards
  • Royal Flush: 10-VDR-As from the same family.

The combinations may vary depending on the type of machine.

What type of video poker machine should I play on?

In video poker, there are many variations, and not all offer the same chances of winning. In general, to compare the attractiveness of two machines, we compare the gains for a “full” and a “suite.” You will favor the video poker, which pays the best these two combinations (full and suite).

For beginners, the “jacks or better” variant is the most profitable. She bears this name because you have to get a pair of valets (at least) to be paid.

If you use a good strategy, the jacks or better version offers a return rate of 99.5%. The advantage of the casino is therefore reduced to its minimum!

For experienced players, the “deuces wild” variant can offer a redistribution rate greater than 100%. Winning strategies are much more complex, but they are highly rewarded.

In Deuces Wild, both have the value of wild cards and can replace any card.

Basic Video Poker Strategy

In video poker, unlike slot machines, your decisions directly influence your chances of winning. Here are some tips for a winning strategy following the two main variants.

Tips for Jacks or Better

  • Never keep three cards of a suit or suit, except if they are high cards (Ace, King, Queen, or Jack).
  • When you have four cards from a straight flush, always draw the fifth card to make a straight flush, even if you have a pair served.
  • Always use the maximum coin bet to go after the jackpot of the royal flush.
  • Never keep a high card accompanying a pair.
  • Never undo a high pair (unless you have four cards of a straight flush).
  • Always prefer color after.

{tip} It is very important to respect all of these rules to limit the casino’s advantage even if your balance fluctuates a lot. {/ tip}

Tips for the Deuces Wild

  • Never throw a 2.
  • If you get two pairs (without 2), throw one.
  • A pair is better than four cards of a suit or suit.
  • Never keep a high card alone.
  • Don’t be surprised if you discard your five cards more often than you do for Jacks or Better.