Legends Of The World Of Poker And Casino

1 Sep by ALFIE

Legends Of The World Of Poker And Casino

In the history of poker, in particular, and of the online casino malaysia by extension, the actors are numerous. Among the personalities that have marked the world, some have reached the status of true legend as a connoisseur and ambassador of the game. In this part, we will, therefore, list some of the most legendary, in a non-exhaustive list and will highlight these personalities who have marked the history of the jdl online casino game and worked towards its popularity. Click on the personalities for a detailed description.

This is the case, for example, of the one who is considered by many to be the best poker player (especially cash game) who has set foot on our Earth, the late David Chip Reese.

One of his friends and the greatest poker legend still alive, Doyle Brunson, is one of the few who knew the time when poker games were held with weapons loaded under the table.

Johnny Chan, more discreet, is also one of the most respected and feared players in world poker. Nicknamed the Orient Express, it has won millions in tournaments and certainly much more in private games.

Stu Ungar is, in essence, a born player. Very young, he already has the instinct and the talent for gambling. Many consider him the best player of all time.

Finally, Nick The Greek is what we call a pure gambler. Attracted by poker but especially by gambling in its entirety, he made history with his extraordinary life and his ability to consider money as a simple way to bet.

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